In all my years as a fitness professional, as a bodybuilding contestant as well as a expert in health and exercise, there are two things I get asked more than any other: how to get a well-defined chest and how to get great arms.

Well, the good news is that you can get both, as well as lose belly fat and weight; with a special workout I’ve developed. So here is my guide to a great chest and great triceps:

For your chest

To build up a great chest you’ll need a flat bench or a seated incline press—and some weights. The weights are something you need to work out with your couch or trainer, as you obviously don’t want to pick a range that’s too heavy or too light. But once you have the right weights, you’ll want to do a series of reps with, first, the lower end weights and then a set with middle range and, finally, with the heavier weights.

For your triceps

To get your arms in great shape you’ll want a cable pull down, which you can usually find at your local gym or fitness center. Once you have that worked out, you want to begin, like with chest workout, with a set of low weight reps, then a middleweight set, and—lastly—reps with the heavy weights.

If you do this workout once a week—plus eating right and keeping yourself in a optimistic and focused mental state—before you know it you’ll not just be losing weight but will soon have a great set of triceps and a handsome chest!