Whether it’s working to lose unwanted belly fat or deciding to become a bodybuilding competitor there is one thing that many people far too often overlook when it comes time to start exercising—the one thing that can really mean the difference between getting good results and not: your mind!

  • A great attitude. If you approach exercise negatively, as something you don’t want to do, then it will also negatively affect your results! Sure, some days exercise is a bother but there’s a big difference between that and hating it. That’s why it’s key to find exercises that you like to do, that you look forward to doing. If the workout itself is important but not exciting then think about listening to music or books on tape to make the time you spend doing it an adventure and not a chore.
  • Be kind to yourself. Yes, there will be times when you just can’t get into your routine. But, you know what, that’s not a bad thing. It happens to everyone – even seasoned exercise and fitness gurus. Just treat yourself well, take a break, and – when you are ready – you’ll be back into your routine! Beating yourself up, making yourself feel bad solves nothing. Just determine to do better (remember that being kind and accepting all sorts of excuses are not the same) and “get back on the horse” as soon as you can.
  • Reward yourself. A great way to stay motivated is to give yourself a treat after a good workout. Maybe it’s a nice piece of fruit, a bit of dark chocolate, or watching your favorite movie – or going out with friends. Never forget that what you are doing can be hard work, so when it goes well and you feel great then pat yourself on the back—you deserve it!

So there you go: a quick guide to keeping not just your body but your mind in the game as well!

Exercise is about your mind as well as your body – so it’s important to treat both of them very, very well!