It might surprise you but when it comes to creating an effective exercise routine one of the all-time best methods is to use yoga. That’s right, it’s not just for stretching and relaxing: when used effectively yoga can be an amazing tool for strength training, supporting other strength exercises and working on muscle definition—as well as overall health.

Here are five yoga poses you should be adding to your fitness regimen

Planking. This pose it an overall great pose: not only can it work wonders for your legs and lower back but it also can be perfect for tightening your stomach and abdominals.

Chair pose. Also called the legs-up-the-wall pose, this is a wonderful way to relax any stressed out muscles you might have. This is why it’s often used at either the start or the end of a session as a way to get the body into position for more strenuous poses.

Cobra. Now this is a pose for your back—in fact very few poses can do the job as well as the cobra. Not only will it give you excellent stretches but it can actually add strength as well as flexibility.

Standing Forward Bend. This pose is perfect for your hips and pelvic girdle. Just be sure and work to keep your spine straight when you do it—your back and body will really thank you for it.

Bird Dog. This one is idea for your back as well, but it’s also fantastic for your glutes. Mix this with the others and before you know it you’ll not just be flexible but strong as well.

There you have it: five excellent yoga poses that should, without a doubt, be a critical part of your exercise routine. Do a good mix of all of these a day and before you know it you’ll be seeing some truly staggering results.