More and more, researchers are discovering the importance of maintaining a healthy gut. Not only for avoiding things like creating excess fat but also that the gut can be a critical element in your body’s overall health, energy levels—and even emotional state!

This is why it’s extremely important to consume foods that promote a healthy gut. The even better news is that doing so isn’t all that challenging—and can even be really tasty.

  • Avoid sugar. This one is pretty obvious but also really critical. Processed sugar might be sweet but its effects on the body can be ruinous. That’s why if you do have a sweet tooth it’s much better to eat things like fruits, especially ones with a lot of anti-oxidants like pomegranates. Naturally, you should also stay well away from high fructose corn syrup—so no sodas for you!
  • Avoid transfats. There have been a lot of discussion about why transfats are bad for you: not only can they play havoc with your gut, they can lead to serious illnesses like heart disease. Alas, they can be tricky to detect but that’s why you need to be extra careful about what you put into your body. Pay particular attention to anything labeled as containing partially-hydrogenated oils … avoid!
  • Eat the living. No, we’re not talking about feasting on BBRRAAIINNS like a zombie but rather living culture foods. Sounds weird? Not at all: think sauerkraut, probiotic yogurt, pickles and even buttermilk. The idea here is to eat foods that will enrich your gut bacteria and help with effective digestion.
  • Back to fats. While you want to avoid transfats you also want to stay well away from Omega-6’s as well. These are usually found in corn oil, vegetable oil, soybean oil, and canola oil. Instead, replace this with lard or coconut oil. You also want to boost your good oils, the Omega-3 variety such as wild fish (like salmon) and grass-fed lean beef. 
  • Supplements. You’ll also want to start taking probiotic supplements as well as some cod liver oil. This will boost your intake of those good fats as well as keep your gut ecology nice and healthy.

While the old saying goes that the heart is the center of our bodies we now know that the gut is the real health foundation everything rests on. So take care of your gut and it will take care of you—and help you stay healthy for a good, long time.